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April 23, 2021

Survey summary

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An online survey of the network and interested stakeholders was carried out at the start of the project to establish a set of requirements for the AIREO resources. These requirements are summarised in the Specifications document:

  • Adheres to FAIR principles
  • Specifies that each dataset should be both legally findable and technically shareable or shared
  • Specifies that Licensing rights to the entire dataset should be clear at catalogue level
  • Adheres to community accepted metadata standards
  • Includes the ability to incorporate raster and vector data
  • Has the flexibility to accommodate at least the more frequently used EO and ML file formats
  • Accommodates the ability to split an AIREO dataset and download only a subset
  • Specifies that the full processing chain for the dataset should be documented, including data source and all processing steps necessary to reconstruct the dataset.
  • Specifies the minimum level of quality assurance to provide, and a level of quality information to aspire to


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