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Community activity

This is a community-driven activity, so input from stakeholders is key to the utility of the AIREO resources. An online survey of the network and interested stakeholders was carried out at the start of the project to establish a set of requirements for the AIREO resources. This was followed by a workshop at ESA Phi-Week 2020 and a series of in-depth interviews with key stakeholders. This input helped to formulate the content and functionality of the AIREO resources.

The current version (V1.0) of the AIREO resources takes on board the feedback from the community. You can contribute by

  • reading the documents,
  • reading the notebook outputs,
  • accessing the datasets through the notebooks online,
  • running the notebooks on the EDC to demonstrate the library functions and the AIREO concepts wrt each dataset and/or
  • installing and using the library locally.

You can provide feedback through the following channels:

  • By using the website commenting features linked to each document or tool
  • By emailing

Whatever level of engagement you have had with the resources, and however you choose to provide feedback, your input is important and will help to make the AIREO resources a valuable tool for years and users to come.



To subscribe to the AIREO network or to contact the AIREO Team please email