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Artificial Intelligence has great potential to advance processing and analysis of Earth Observation (EO) data. Training datasets (TDS) are crucial for AI applications but they are becoming a major bottleneck in more widespread and systematic application of machine learning in EO. AIREO provides resources and tools to data creators and users to ensure their TDS are FAIR and to standardise aspects of TDS such as quality assurance and metadata completeness indicators.

Community activity

In order to engage with the EO, AI and related stakeholder communities for gathering existing activities, standards, methods, tools and requirements, as well as to drive the development of the AIREO specifications and the best-practices, the AIREO Network with over 100 participating organisations was set up. This network is constantly growing and is being engaged through a number of channels presented here. If you would like to join the AIREO Network, please email



To subscribe to the AIREO network or to contact the AIREO Team please email